Who is Stephan Noack?

A Nobel Prize Recipient, Golden Gloves Champ, Guinness Book Record Holder…

I’m actually none of those… but I’m Awesome at Digital Marketing & Design!

Born and raised in Chicago, I started my marketing journey in the Graphic Design space at the age of 10. With nothing more than a 66 MHz computer and Photoshop 1.5, I spent hours and hours developing what would turn into a life long career in marketing.

In 1996, my parents moved to the Texas Gulf Coast here in Corpus Christi, Texas. Throughout my senior year in High School, I helped develop the lesson plans and teach the first year of the first Graphic Design class available. By my graduation, I was hired on as the school district’s full-time graphic designer and photographer.

Since then, I’ve been involved in many different industries – from magazines and e-commerce, to hospitality and agency work – which brings me to today.

I am the owner of AdGeeks, a digital-first creative design and marketing agency located in Corpus Christi, Texas – but helping clients all over the world.

We Work with the Best Brands All Around the World.